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Stretching Fitness
Sports Injury

Serious Recovery, for Serious Athletes

Our Specialists have the EXPERIENCE & TRAINING to keep you FLEXX'D...

Sports Massage

Sport massage is a combination of stretching, massage therapy, & other modalities, with a goal of optimizing performance and speeding up recovery!

Not exclusive to athletes, massage therapy at Flexx is focused, customizable, and always performed with a goal/goals in mind, utilizing our advanced training, and medical & athletic massage experience.


Assisted stretching improves joint health, range of motion and flexibility, in ways that you cannot achieve by yourself! We ensure safely stretching by stabilizing & isolating muscles, helping to re-educate and promote your nervous system’s stretch reflex!

Integrated Muscular Therapy (IMT) Sessions

Our trainers and therapists combine assisted stretching with the latest tools in muscular mobility, myofascial release, body tempering, infrared therapy, and more to release tight muscles, roll out trigger points, & improve joint health! We customize your session by addressing your areas of discomfort and

helping to identify possible underlying and contributing issues!

Mobility Training

Mobility training is like personal training…. but to increase mobility and flexibility! Using techniques such as “banded distraction,” dynamic stretching, progressive and regressive isolate loading, and controlled articulated rotational movements, we help to push past the ROM limit to stimulate adaptions to new limits!

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