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What is an  IMT session?

An IMT (Integrated Muscular Therapy) session is all about mobility! The main focus is assisted stretching, and your Mobility Specialist will level up  your experience by implementing one or more of our assisting tools, gadgets, and devices! This may include hanging out on one of the inversion tables and then helping tight muscles to relax with  IASTM  tools (muscle scraping), myofascial flossing, or athletic cupping, … just to name a few of our faves!  


Your Mobility Specialist will

 apply techniques from his/her background (personal trainer, massage therapist, physical therapy assistant, et.), to make your session uniquely customized for your personal goals!

We recommend taking advantage of the diverse backgrounds and experience

that ALL of our Mobility Specialists bring to Flexx! 

Flexx Mobility Specialists all have certifications, licenses, or are registered in a closely-related health/fitness field, so you can have the peace of mind knowing you are in good, extensively trained, and credible hands... literally! 


CPT's conduct corrective fitness training and programming, using a 

strategic, 4-step method of  inhibiting (foam rolling, etc.), lengthening (stretching), 

activating and integrating muscle movement!  Our trainers take a global approach in helping identify and correct muscular strength and weakness imbalances, and will formulate a very specific corrective fitness plan, customized just for YOU!

Do you ever wonder why stretching and massage seem to have temporary effects?   Strong muscles will continue to  overpower weaker muscles and keep "pulling" your body right back to where it was, unless you address the root of the problem, and not just the symptom of it!


Corrective fitness sessions are the perfect supplement to a workout regimen, or a great first step to begin working out! 

For the active indivudual, this is usually worked in on a RECOVERY DAY, and is not considered a "workout!"   

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LMT'S have extensive experience in...

Sports and Deep Tissue Massage, Advanced Stretching Techniques, Athletic Cupping, Kinesio Taping

Sciatica, & Chronic Back Pain...and more! 


Our highly trained LMT's  have had experience working in physical therapy, other medical settings, 

with professional athletes, and  with those who suffer from chronic physical disabilities.

The massage therapy will be used in conjunction with stretching, and other modalities to treat specified issues, and are NOT Swedish, relaxation massages!


Flexx Mobility Specialists are all extensively trained in assisted stretching and mobility, and have a passion for utilizing their knowledge of the body's kinetic chain to help you stay functionally active! 

The diverse backgrounds they bring to Flexx provide a multitude of unique styles and techniques, to ensure that each IMT session will be different, effective, & approaches muscular dysfunction in multiple aspects!

*Due to the credentialed nature of the practitioners, they only may provide specialty services that are within his/her scope of practice to maintain integrity and respect for the field.  Please be sure to check before your session to ensure your practitioner can provide what you're looking for!

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